Flexxible|App Publisher

Using Flexxible|Application publisher

Flexxible|App Publisher is a tool to assist the AppServer Templates publishing processes, making possible this functionality without the need for access to the infrastructure.

When the template is in "in edition" mode, you must access it from the receiver using a designer user. Then you will see the desktop.

You can install the desired application and this is ready to publish it:

To publish the application you must:

  1. Right click on the desired application icon.
  2. Click on "send to".
  3. Select "Flexxible application publisher".

Automatically, a pop-up window will appear with the Flexxible application publisher wizard:

  1. You can change the name, icon and launch arguments.
  2. Click on "OK".

You can also launch the wizard from the taskbar icon by simply right-clicking and selecting the option Flexxible|Application publisher:

This window shows all the published, unpublished and published new one applications.

Now you can assign the application to the users.

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