Flexxible|SUITE services management


In certain cases, it may be necessary to stop or restart Flexxible|SUITE services. This feature allows performing these actions easily.

Services management

This is the list of current services* that can be managed:

  • Flexxible secure|desktop Queue
  • Flexxible secure|desktop WorkerClient
  • Flexxible secure|desktop WorkerDesktopOperations
  • Flexxible secure|desktop WorkerStructure
  • Flexxible secure|desktop WorkerActiveDirectory
  • Flexxible secure|desktop Auxiliar
  • Flexxible secure|desktop WorkerAlerts

* Note that many services could be running in several orchestrator servers and that there are services that could not be installed on every orchestrator.

Although service management operations could be done using the Windows services console or Powershell commandlets, it’s recommended to use the Flexxible|SUITE VCC roles overview menu option.

From this menu, you can select as many services as you wish and make a start/stop/restart operation.


It’s recommended to make sure that there are no jobs in the running status before executing service management operations, as stopping the service will make those operations to fail.

To check if there are many jobs still running for the service/machine that you need to stop, you can add the "Executing server" column to the jobs list by using the column chooser, o look at the field in the job detail view.


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