VDI Client UI Introduction

Flexxible|VDI Client is an agent that monitors the performance of virtual desktops and provides users and administrators with data on tasks and resources. It also allows support processes to be launched from VDI OS Manager. This agent replaces the Windows Task Manager, allowing administrators to supervise applications and prevent users from “killing” a system process. Most of the unregistered cases will be found and repaired and the alert system has been improved.

Proactive Actions by Flexxible|VDI Client

  • Automatically detecting and correcting a large number of unregistered cases.
  • Repairing Windows performance counters.
  • Launching Windows and Office license registration if detected as unregistered due to KMS or similar problems.
  • Installing applications in persistent desktops.
  • Launching scripts developed for support L3.
  • Auditing platform consumption by a user, RAM, CPU, disk and latencies.
  • Rebooting desktops that have been running for more than six days since last reboot.
  • Rebooting critical Citrix services that have been detected as off, especially printing services.

All information collected by Flexxible|VDI Client is redirected to the Flexxible|VDI OS Manager web console to manage diagnoses by the different support teams.


This application does not require installation. It simply must be executed in the desktop sessions, so it is recommended to execute it during the logon through a GPO linked to the desktops OUs. For its operation it is necessary that VDIClient Service is installed and the service is up. The configuration would be as follows:

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