Flexxible IT Error Codes (FECs)


FEC00001 - Error connecting with XXXXX

FEC00002 - Error setting location on the server

FEC00003 - Error setting PATH on server

FEC00004 - Error when installing gem

FEC00005 - Error when obtaining the hostname

FEC00006 - Error mapping drive on the server

FEC00007 - Error creating on server

FEC00008 - Error getting node information of server

FEC00009 - Error when creating the node

FEC00010 - Cannot create file C:\chef\file.pem

FEC00011 - Cannot copy cert file to server XXXXX

FEC00012 - Cert file is empty or content is invalid

FEC00013 - Error when modifying acls on node XXXXX

FEC00014 - Error when executing chef-client on server

FEC00015 - Error when connecting with node XXXXX

FEC00016 - Error setting PATH on server

FEC00017 - Error adding data collector and ohai settings on XXXXX

FEC00018 - windows_nano::default

FEC00020 - windows_hyperv::default,

FEC00021 - windows_activedirectory::default,

FEC00022 - Cannot establish a connection with the machine through the port.

FEC00024 - windows_activedirectory::grouppolicy or

FEC00025 - windows_nano_ad::default or

FEC00026 - windows_activedirectory::integrateaad,

FEC00027 - windows_activedirectory::customergrouppolicy

FEC00028 - windows_nano_ad::remotejoin

FEC00029 - windows_nano_ad::nano02 or

FEC00030 - windows_nano_ad::nano01

FEC00031 - Execution of windows_smbfs::prepare

FEC00032 - Execution of windows_smbfs::default

FEC00033 - windows_s2d::prepare

FEC00034 - windows_s2d::create_cluster

FEC00035 - windows_s2d::default

FEC00036 - windows_hyperv::smbdc02 or

FEC00037 - Execution of windows_sofs::shares

FEC00038 - windows_activedirectory::preparedcc

FEC00039 - windows_activedirectory::secondarydc

FEC00041 - windows_hyperv::infra

FEC00042 - windows_activedirectory::existingcustomerdc

FEC00043 - windows_activedirectory::forwarderdefault or

FEC00044 - windows_activedirectory::forwardercustomer or

FEC00045 - windows_activedirectory::customergrouppolicy or

FEC00046 - windows_hyperv::customerdc

FEC00047 - windows_activedirectory::customerdc

FEC00048 - Execution of windows_sofs::resources

FEC00049 - windows_activedirectory::forwarderdefault

FEC00050 - windows_activedirectory::forwardercustomer

FEC00051 - windows_activedirectory::customergrouppolicy

FEC00052 - windows_activedirectory::trustedrelationship

FEC00053 - windows_sofs::default

FEC00054 - windows_sofs::role

FEC00055 - windows_sofs::shares

FEC00056 - windows_sofs::remotegpos or

FEC00057 - windows_sofs::gpos

FEC00058 - windows_dhcp::default

FEC00059 - Execution of windows_sqlserver::prepare in primary VM

FEC00060 - windows_smbworker::prepare

FEC00061 - windows_activedirectory::delegateou

FEC00062 - windows_smbworker::download

FEC00063 - windows_smbworker::default

FEC00064 - windows_sql::prepare

FEC00065 - windows_s2d::create_clustervmm

FEC00066 - windows_sql::default

FEC00067 - “VMM installation task” running failed to check unsuccessful after maxmax number of retries or

FEC00068 - VMM installation task did not finish after maxmax number of retries

FEC00069 - windows_sql::install_rollup

FEC00070 - VMM installation task running check unsuccessful after max retries or

FEC00071 - Roll up installation task did not finish after max retries

FEC00072 - windows_sql::finish_vmm

FEC00073 - windows_ctx::prepare

FEC00074 - windows_ctx::default

FEC00075 - VMM roll up console installation task running check unsuccessful after max retries or

FEC00076 - Roll up console installation task did not finish after max retries

FEC00077 - windows_ctx::xdconfig

FEC00078 - windows_ctx::vdimanager

FEC00079 - windows_smbworker::xdsnapins

FEC00080 - Execution of windows_backupsql::default

FEC00081 - Execution of windows_sqlserver::prepare in secondary VM

FEC00082 - windows_smbweb::prepare

FEC00083 - windows_smbweb::download

FEC00084 - windows_smbweb::default

FEC00085 - Execution of windows_smbweb::xdsnapins

FEC00086 - windows_netscaler::default

FEC00087 - windows_netscaler::nsconfig

FEC00088 - windows_netscaler::branding

FEC00090 - windows_hyperv::movesmbwork01

FEC00091 - windows_hyperv::vms2cluster

FEC00092 - windows_Flexxible IT::installvdiclientservice or

FEC00093 - windows_Flexxible IT::installvdiclientservice

FEC00094 - windows_nano::enddeployment or windows_nano::startdeployment

FEC00095 - Execution of windows_sqlserver::default in primary VM

FEC00096 - Execution of windows_sqlserver::default secondary VM

FEC00097 - Execution of windows_sqlserver::createcluster

FEC00098 - Execution of windows_ctx::storefront

FEC00099 - Execution of windows_ctx::additionalstorefront

FEC00100 - Execution of windows_sqlserver::alwayson

FEC00101 - Execution of windows_update::createupdatestasks

FEC00102 - Execution of windows_ctx::defaultsecondrole

FEC00103 - Execution of windows_ctx::xdconfigsecondrole

FEC00104 - Execution of windows_backupsql::maintenanceplans

FEC00105 - Execution of windows_backupsql::maintenanceplansexpress

FEC00106 - Roll up console installation task cannot removed

FEC00107 - Execution of windows_vmware::installvcsa

FEC00108 - Execution of windows_vmware::installvsan

FEC00109 - Execution of windows_vmware::adddiskvsan

FEC00110 - Execution of windows_vmware::configurelogs

FEC00111 - There was an error when accessing to SCVMM

FEC00112 - There was an error changing root password in node

FEC00113 - There was a problem adding the deployment user as an administrator in the appliance

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