How to install Azure AZ

Installing Azure AZ in worker roles


The purpose of this document is to explain how to install AzureAZ modules and their requirements.

Pre-installation validations

Before installing the AzureAZ modules we have to check that there is no AzureRM module installed on the worker roles, as they are not compatible.

To do this we will run the following script until we get no results:

$Modules = get-module -name 'Azure*' -ListAvailable
$Modules | foreach { Uninstall-Module -name $ -AllVersions }
##list Azure modules
get-module -name 'Azure*' -ListAvailable

If we try to install AzureAZ modules on a machine where AzureRM modules are installed the installation will not finish correctly and AzureAZ modules will not be installed. 


Before installing the AzureAZ modules as a requirement you must install the .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher.

If you try to install the AzureAZ modules and the above-mentioned framework is not installed, the following message will appear.

The MSI to install the framework in the following URI:



The installation process of AzureAZ modules does not require any special mention, following the default steps you will reach the end of the installation process without any problem.


For the proper functioning of Flexxible|SUITE, you must install the Azure modules for each worker role.


To check that the Azure modules have been installed correctly, we open a PowerShell screen and run the following script:

Get-Module -Name 'Az*' -ListAvailable -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

If we receive results, it is done. If not, you have to check the event viewer for any errors because the modules have not been installed correctly.

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