NICS in Server Management

Flexxible|SUITE allows managing resources on a virtual server on vSphere installations.

In the server view (vSphere), you can see a new tab to creating, modifying or deleting NIC resources in a virtual server.

NIC Management

The following view shows the NICs list associated with a Server. This list shows the following information:

  • Connected (yes/no)

  • Name (read-only)

  • Network Adapter

  • DynamicMAC/StaticMAC 

  • MAC (enabled in case of having chosen StaticMAC; this field should be unique)

  • Max Bandwith

  • Status (Ok, Creation Pending, Deletion Pending, Modification Pending)

In this view appears two buttons (plug and unplug) that allow connect or disconnect the NIC easily.

This list will be refreshed for each Update VM Data (that runs after every "synchronize infrastructure" job) just like the rest of the info is synchronized.

Create a new NIC

Clicking the "New" button in the previous listing, this will display the form to create a new Network Adapter. You must fill the following fields described in the previous section:

When you click in OK, this will generate a new NIC creation job and the NIC status will be "Creation pending" until the job ends successfully. Then the NIC status will be "Ok".

This action is recommended to be performed with the server turned off. In case of the server is on, Flexxible|SUITE will show a message indicating the server will be powered off to perform this action.

Edit a NIC

You can edit a NIC clicking in the desired Network adapter in the list. This will display a form and you can edit the following fields:

  • Name
  • Network adapter
  • Type
  • Max bandwidth
  • Connect at power on
  • Enabled dynamic mac

Also, you can deploy it when you press ok or schedule the deployment, selecting a date time.

Clicking the "Ok" button will create a new modification job and the status of the NIC became "Modification pending".

Delete a NIC

You must select a NIC, then, when you click in the delete button will display a confirmation message.

Once the operation is committed, the NIC status appears like "Deletion pending", their row will be crossed out and will add a message to the queue to be deleted by the Desktop Operations Service.

All these actions will be performed  regardless whether the server is on or off.

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