Flexxible|SUITE: GPOs config

The required GPOs


The following article describes the GPOs that need to be set up to run the Flexxible|SUITE platform.

ADMX template

Flexxible IT must provide the ADMX template "VDI Flexxible Infrastructure" to correctly apply GPO's in Infrastructure.

In case you do not have this template you will need to contact Flexxible IT.

GPOs configuration

These GPOs can be divided into three areas according to their scope:

Infrastructure GPOs

This directive should only be applied in the OU where the infrastructure servers are located.

The policies applied will be as follows:

  • DB Connection String: The connection string to the Flexxible|SUITE DB to allow connection to the services of the suite. It is recommended that this connection string uses integrated authentication to prevent the user and password from being visible.
  • VDI Worker Queue ports: The ports to be used by Flexxible|SUITE queue services.

Client machines GPOs

This policy should only be applied in the OU where the client computers are located, this includes desktops, application servers, and templates.

The following policies will be applied:

  • Custom user interface: The GPO that executes in login the client with VDIClient's UI which is complemented with VDIClient's service that must be previously installed (requires .NET 3.5).

Infrastructure servers and client machines GPOs

This directive should only apply to all of the above sections.

The policies applied will be as follows:

  • Queue Config: The servers and ports through which the Flexxible|SUITE queuing services will be listening.
  • Resources path: The path where Flexxible|SUITE resources are stored, among these resources you can include binaries/scripts to be able to execute some of the processes/software (e.g. VDI Client Launcher).

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