Deployment on several HA Hypervisors


By definition, the template scope is delimited to a particular HA Hypervisor.  If we want to enable this template in another HA Hypervisor,  a Template Surrogate needs to be created on this one.

A Template Surrogate is an exact copy of the original template in the selected HA Hypervisor, having as a sole purpose the creation of a  XenDesktop catalog on the new HA Hypervisor and taking this template as a reference.

The Template Surrogate can not be started up nor edited. This is because it is an actual clone of the original template and it will be overwritten with this one once we edit the original template.

You can create Templates Surrogates from the “Storage” tab from Templates detail screen on both Desktops and AppsServers. In this tab, we will see a list with every available HA Hypervisor and the “Copy” field will point out whether this Template is available for this HA Hypervisor. The field “Template Home” will point out whether this HA Hypervisor hosts the original Template or not. For easier visualization, the “Template Home” also is shown in bold.

These are the steps to enable the Template Surrogate in an HA Hypervisor where it does not yet exist.

In the template screen, select the HA Hypervisor and click on the “Copy Template” button. If the template is in “Ready for deploy” status, a job will then be generated which will instantaneously create the Template Surrogate. If the Template is in “In Edition” status, the Template Surrogate creation will kick in after the template is set to “Ready for Deploy”

XenDesktop needs to detect the Template Surrogate and this process may take up to 4 hours. This point needs to be taken into account since the new VM deployment on this HA Hypervisor will fail until this detection is completed.

Should you want to erase the Template Surrogate,  there is a button labeled as “Remove Surrogate” for that.

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