Creating VLANs in Flexxible|SUITE

Creating a new VLAN

To create a new VLAN you must access to the VLAN section in the left menu. 

Clicking on the new button will display the form to create a new VLAN.

You must set up the following fields:

  • Name: An identifying name for the VLAN.
  • Id: This corresponds to VLAN id in SCVMM and VLAN Tag in vSphere and XenServer. This must be unique. This field is mandatory.
  • Wholesaler: You can select the wholesaler that can use this VLAN. This field is mandatory.
  • In use by: The name of the tenant that has assigned this VLAN. 
  • Public IP: The VLAN public IP. This field is mandatory.
  • IP NET (CIDR): This is the Subnet Mask for the VLAN. This field is mandatory.
  • Default Gateway:  The access point to communicate with devices in another network or the internet. This field is mandatory.

On the other hand, you can define a set of static IP ranges. This will be described in the next section.

Static IP ranges

The Server creation requires a static IP to assign to it. The IP Ranges section allows you to define a set of IP Ranges in the VLAN range. These IP addresses in the range should not be managed by the DHCP server.

In the Tenants view, when you create a server and it will search for a free IP into the configured VLAN static IP ranges.

Is very important to avoid that the configured static IP ranges enter in conflict with the DHCP.

Flexxible|SUITE works as follow:

  1. Loop through the IPs.
  2. Check if in the Flexxible|SUITE DB there is a device with this IP assigned.
  3. If the IP is not found in the DB, Flexxible|SUITE will ping this IP to verify that this IP is not in use by some device. If the ping generates a response, it will pass to the next IP. Otherwise, this IP will be selected.

Please, keep in mind that the server can't be created in the following scenarios:

  • There is not at least one static IP range (even if the VLAN does not have a DHCP because all the IPs are static).
  • The IP range is ill-defined and overlaps with a DHCP.
  • The static IP is associated with a powered off device. In this case, when Flexxible|SUITE pings to this IP, we will not receive any answer. Flexxible|SUITE will take this IP as correct and when the device is turned on, a duplication of IPs will be made.

If the VLAN has not been already created in SCVMM and there is only one logical network, you can create it by clicking on the "Create VLAN in VMM" button. Then, it will be automatically created in this network. This button allows to create the VLAN, but you can't use it for modifications.

Please, keep in mind that this functionality only works in SCVMM 2012R2 or later.

This will generate a job that creates and configure the new VLAN.

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