Citrix DaaS Limitations

Citrix DaaS has few limitations to taking advantage of all the features available in Flexxible|SUITE.

Due to these limitations, it will not be possible to perform these operations through the SUITE:

The following limitations apply to Citrix DaaS broker farms:

  • Upgrading a particular VM to the latest template is not supported, only catalog upgrades can be performed on VDTs or ASFs.
  • Downgrading a particular VM to its previous template version is not supported. A possible workaround to downgrade the catalog if necessary would be:
    • Prepare the template for edition.
    • Apply the old version snapshot to the template.
    • Prepare the template for deploy, creating a new version that is really the previous version, because of the applied snapshot.
  • Upgrade the catalog to the new template version.
  • The health checker can’t monitor the licensing status.
  • The “Session assignment to users based on VM capacity” in the delivery group of ASFs can’t be configured. Although it can be manually configured in the Citrix DaaS management console.
  • The cloud connectors assigned to the site primary zone are automatically configured as delivery controllers when creating a new desktop or application template definition.
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