Symptoms or Error:

Quick Config Setup was installing requirements and configuring the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) cluster.

Deployment fails with following error:

  • Product: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Command Line utilities -- Setup is missing an installation prerequisite

Please, review if Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Command Line is installed in that machine. To install it, you can run the following commands:

C:\PS>$ArgumentList = "/i C:\temp\FLX\sqlncli.msi /qb /passive IACCEPTSQLNCLILICENSETERMS=YES /norestart /l* C:\temp\FLX\SQLNativeClient.log"
C:\PS>$IntallProc = (Start-Process -FilePath "msiexec.exe" -Arguments  $ArgumentList -Wait -Passthru).ExitCode
C:\PS>if ($IntallProc -eq 0) {Write-Host "The installation was successful." -f Green} else {Write-Host "The installation failed." -f Red}
  • Error executing action `install` on resource 'windows_sql_server[SQL_server_actions]'

STDERR: End output of D:\Setup.exe /Q /ACTION=Install /FEATURES=SQLEngine /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS /SQLSVCACCOUNT=<netbios>\<gmsa_account> /AGTSVCACCOUNT=<netbios>\<gmsa_account> /SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS=<netbios>\SQLAdmins /INSTANCENAME=MSSQLSERVER /UPDATEENABLED=False /SQLSVCINSTANTFILEINIT=True>C:\Temp\flx\sqlcommand.log returned -2061762559

This error shows there are issues with <gmsa_account>. Please, review if the account exists and run the following command in SCVMM server:

C:\PS>Test-ADServiceAccount -Identity <gmsa_account>

After fixing the error, resume deployment. 

If the error persists, please contact Flexxible IT support.

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