Symptoms or Error

Quick Config Setup was configuring shared folders in the Scale-Out File Server (SOFS). Following resources are configured:

  • Profiles and UserData (UPM/FPM requirement)
  • VMMWitness (System Center Virtual Machine Manager Cluster Witness)
  • ISOS (repository)
  • BackupSQL: repository where SQL backups are saved

Deployment fails with the following error:

  • FATAL: Chef::Exceptions::MultipleFailures: Multiple failures occurred

    the following error can appear in the log message:

    STDERR: The resources must be online on the same node for this operation No matching MSFT_SMBShare objects found by CIM query for instances of the ROOT/Microsoft/Windows/SMB/MSFT_SMBShare class on the CIM server: SELECT * FROM MSFT_SMBShare WHERE ((Name = <resource_name>)) AND ((ScopeName = <sofs_name>)). Verify query parameters and retry.

    Check that resources are configured in SOFS. Run Get-SmbShare in one compute node and review that the following resources show appear:

    • Profiles
    • UserData
    • VMMWitness
    • ISOS
    • BackupSQL

After fixing the error, resume deployment.

If the error persists, please contact Flexxible IT support.

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