Symptoms or Error

Quick Config Setup was configuring the failover cluster witness (Azure) and the configuring Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) at the time. Some actions happened during this step:

  • Create Azure witness
  • Create Storage Spaces Direct
  • Create Volume

Deployment fails with one of the following errors (one of them):

  • Error executing action `run` on resource 'powershell_script[Create Storage Spaces Direct]'

    No disks with supported bus types were found to be used for S2D. Run cluster validation, including the Storage Spaces Direct tests, to verify the configuration.

    Please, run cluster validation. You can find out more information in FEC00034.

  • Error executing action `create` on resource 'directory[C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\Templates]'

    There was an error creating Storage Spaces Direct or virtual disk (volume). Check if C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1 exist.

After fixing the error, please resume the deployment.

If the error persists, please contact Flexxible IT support.

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