Symptoms or Error

The automatic process fails when creating all Active Directory objects: Organizational units, accounts, groups, etc. Probably this error appears when the provided user does not have rights the needed permissions on Active Directory domain.

Deployment fails with one of the following errors (one of them):

  • FATAL:  RuntimeError: ruby_block[check if domain is already in use] (c:/chef/cache/cookbooks/windows_activedirectory/providers/forest.rb line 17) had an error: RuntimeError: Domain name is already in use! ERROR: Failed to execute the command on X.X.X.X 

    The Active Directory provided name is duplicated and resoluble in the network.


Review your network and DNS resolution from the IP address provided in the error. If there is another Active Directory Domain name with the same value you cannot continue with deployment. Microsoft does not allow two Active Directory with the same name

After fixing the error, please resume the deployment. If the error persists, please contact Flexxible IT support.

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