How to delete a user desktop


Flexxible|SUITE creates a desktop when a tenant template is assigned to a user. To remove a user and their desktop, this assignment should be reverted.

The process to perform this operation will be described in the next section.

Remove user assignment

Note: If we are referring to a professional desktop these steps are not necessary.

First, the user must not have any assigned desktops. If it is a persistent desktop you should complete these steps:

  • You must select the desktop that has assigned the user, select "Execute operation" and click on "Change User".

  • You must confirm the message. This will display a popup window.

  • Then, you should leave the field "New User" blank, click "OK" and save the tenant. This will generate a job. The result of this operation must be that the desktop has no assigned user.

Unassign tenant template

You must select the desired user and

  1. Click on "Manage"
  2. Select "Desktop Template VDI"
  3. Click on Unassign current

Then, a modal window will appear notifying you of the result:

After saving the tenant, a job will be generated to actually save the changes.

Delete the desktop

The first step to delete a desktop is put in maintenance mode. To do this, you should:

  1. Select the desktop to remove
  2. Select  "Execute operation" and 
  3. Click on "Maintenance mode on"

You must confirm the operation:

This will generate a job to put the desktop in maintenance mode.

Once the desktop is in maintenance mode, you must

  1. Select the desktop
  2. Select Execute operation
  3. Click on "Delete VM"

You must confirm the operation:

This will generate a job to delete the selected desktop.

Once the job is finished successfully, the desktop has been deleted.

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