Completely uninstall or reinstall office in a template

When running the uninstall process included in the Microsoft Office installation, the deletion of several files is omitted, the presence of these files in the template will prevent the reinstallation of the office applications when it is attempted again. 

To solve this you must use the tool "Easy fix tool" for Office 365 Uninstallation as detailed in the following Microsoft article:

In order to completely delete Office from the template the steps to be followed are:

  1. First, run the uninstall process from the Microsoft Office 365 section in Flexxible|SUITE
    1. Select the installation to be deleted
    2. Confirm deletion
    3. Wait until the job's done, you can track his progress in the "Jobs" section
  2. Put the template in edition mode.
  3. Log in to the template, download and run the "Easy fix tool" for Office 365 Uninstallation.
  4. Put the template in Ready for deploy mode.

Now you have completely removed Office from the template and, if you want, you can reinstall it.

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