How to edit customer domain group policies (GPOs)

As you may already know, the client domain driver does not have a graphical interface, so you cannot access it via remote desktop.
To edit group policies we will need a desktop or server.

Editing GPOs from a server:

We need to go to the server manager and under "manage" and select the option "add roels and features".

Follow the assistant:

Check the "Group policy management" option:

Click on install:

The installation will begin:

When it's done, you can go to to start menu --> administrative tools and open Group policy management:


Editing GPOs from a desktop:

For Windows 10 download the Server Remote Administration Tools for Windows 10 from here.

Run the installer:

Accept ther terms:

Install the Server Remote Administration Tools:

Wait for the installation to finish:

Now you can search in the start menu "Group policy management":


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