How to connect to my desktop or published application

A user can have several assigned resources, with resources referring to VDI desktops and published applications, as well as SDI desktops.

Regardless of whether the user is a basic user with only one published resource or an advanced user with several different types of resources and with access to template edition using these resources, access to these resources in all cases is carried out from the same point.

Take note of the data provided to you by your company's IT team:

  1. Account username, which is usually the same for remaining company resources, such as email.
  2. Account password, which is usually the same for remaining company resources, such as email.
  3. Access URL to your resources.

With this information, you can access your resources in several ways.

Web access

The URL provided by your company's IT team will take you to a website similar to the following:

Enter your username and password to start the session and access your resources:

On the upper bar you can change the view to see:

  • Desktops and desktop templates.
  • Published applications and template applications.

To access any of the resources via web there are two options:

1. If you have a Citrix receiver installed, click on option 1

Option 1 will launch the Citrix Receiver and open your selected resource.

The Citrix Receiver installation process will be carried out through options 2, 3 and 4.

Use the top bar of the Citrix Receiver to customize your session's presentation.

Use option 5 to start the session via the HTML5 interface which does not require an installed Citrix Receiver.

2. If you do not have the Citrix Receiver installed, you can access via HTML5 by clicking on option 2:

In the upper area of the page, you will see different connection tools.

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