How to deploy a new SDI/Published Apps Template

On the "Templates" tab in the "My Company" section, you can deploy a new template:In this case, you are dealing with an "Application template definition OS Image" type template.In this window you must configure the template parameters, such as:

  1. VMMODEL: the pre-configured VDI model on which the new template will be based.
  2. VMNAME: the standard that will be used for the template name and the deployed desktops.
  3. TIME ZONE: The time zone of the desktops to be deployed.
  4. CULTURE INFO: with this configuration you will establish the operating system language and the keyboard distribution of the template and desktops.
  5. HA HYPERVISOR: Appliance in which you want to carry out the deployment.
  6. DESKTOP BROKER: Citrix controller that will contain this template.

Clicking on "OK", the job responsible for creating the new template will begin:Entering the job details you can see the steps and results in detail:Once the job is complete the template will be in "In edition" status, and you can enter it to carry out the initial configuration (if the user has the "allow edit template" option activated):You just have to go to the web access or Citrix Receiver and start a session in the template:

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