How to provide remote assistance to a desktop user

Connecting to the user session without interrupting the session

In some cases, when a user needs help, it is necessary to capture his/her session without interrupting and to do so, the Flexxible|SUITE uses the Windows remote assistance function.

To provide a user with remote assistance, you simply have to select the desktop from the "Desktops" view, click on the menu and select "Start remote assistance":

You must run the file downloaded for remote assistance:

In internet explorer and Edge:

In Chrome:

On running the downloaded file, the user will be notified with the following message:

The moment the user accepts the remote assistance (required), you can see his/her desktop and provide assistance:

Note: this functionality is only available on desktops with the same Flexxible|SUITE environment, and for security reasons, these types of connections from other sources are not permitted.

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