Flexxible|SUITE Error codes


FLXERR00000 - No SUITE services found.

FLXERR00001 - Service '[ServiceName]' has no active instances.

FLXERR00002 - Service '[ServiceName]' has more than one active instance.

FLXERR00003 - Service '[ServiceName]' in VM '[VMName]' has some inactive threads.

FLXERR00004 - Not all instances of the '[ServiceName]' service have the same version.

FLXERR00005 - Not all instances of the '[ServiceName]' service have the same binary dates.

FLXERR00006 - HAReferenceClusterRoleName setting has a wrong value.

FLXERR00007 - Service '[ServiceName]' has more than one 'ForceActive' instance.

FLXERR00008 - HAReferenceVMMNode value for '[ServiceName]' service in '[VMName]' is incorrect.

FLXERR00009 - HAReferenceVMMNode value for '[ServiceName]' service has the same value in more than one instance.

FLXERR00010 - HAReferenceVMMNode setting for '[ServiceName]' service is duplicated.

FLXERR00011 - HAReferenceClusterRoleName setting does not exist.

FLXERR00012 - HAReferenceClusterRoleName setting is duplicated.

FLXERR00013 - Some registry keys are missing in VM '[VMName]'.

FLXERR00014 - Some problems have been detected in the components of the SUITE. Please click here for more details.

FLXERR00015 - SUITE Web console has no active instances.

FLXERR00016 - SUITE Web Console in server '[VMName]' has some errors.

FLXERR00017 - Authentication mode in SUITE Web Console in server '[VMName]' is wrong (should be Forms).

FLXERR00018 - IIS site state in SUITE Web Console in server '[VMName]' is wrong.

FLXERR00019 - Not all instances of the SUITE Web console have the same version.

FLXERR00020 - Not all instances of the SUITE Web console have the same binary dates.

FLXERR00021 - The web console in VM '[VMName]' has some inactive threads.

FLXERR00022 - The Desktop broker farm [FarmName] has not been synchronized since [Date].

FLXERR00023 - Surrogate '{lSurrogateName}' couldn't be deleted, or it still existed after deletion.

FLXERR00024 - Surrogate '{lName}' continued to exist on VM Manager '{aVMManager.Name}' after deleting it successfully..

FLXERR00025 - Surrogate '{lSurrogateName}' already existed on VM Manager '{aTemplate.RelatedVMManager.Name}' and couldn't be deleted before creating a new one..

FLXERR00026 - Couldn't create surrogate '{lSurrogateName}' on VM Manager '{aTemplate.RelatedVMManager.Name}' and the 'Rep' checkbox was unchecked in the template 'Datacenter replicas' list: {lExceptionMessage}.

FLXERR00027 - The operation can't be completed because the surrogate for HA hypervisor '{lTemplate.RelatedHyperVCluster.PublicName}' is in Error status ({lTemplateCluster.ErrorDescription})..

FLXERR00028 - The surrogate couldn't be created because the template cluster is in status '{lTemplateCluster.Status}'.

FLXERR00029 - Can't downgrade VM to the previous template version. It has been deleted: {lPath}.

FLXERR00030 - Can't downgrade VM to the previous template version.

FLXERR00031 - Some catalogs are in a cluster in an overcommitted status.

FLXERR00032 - There are no cloud connectors defined for the zone '{lDesktopManager.Name}:{lZone.Name}'..

FLXERR00033 - This published application is contained in more than one delivery group in an ASF with the auto propagate published application check activated, this functionality is not allowed.

FLXERR00034 - VDIClientLauncher was not found in the resources path ({lPath}).

FLXERR00035 - Couldn't enumerate or stop previous Remote Assistance processes.

FLXERR00036 - Couldn't delete a previous invitation file.

FLXERR00037 - Couldn't find Microsoft Remote Assistance executable.

FLXERR00038 - The generation of the Remote Assistance invitation failed.

FLXERR00039 - The execution of Microsoft Remote Assistance failed.

FLXERR00040 - Microsoft Remote Assistance produced {lEvents.Count} errors when generating an invitation.

FLXERR00041 - Microsoft Remote Assistance didn't report any errors, but it didn't create the invitation file.

FLXERR00042 - User session not found.

FLXERR00043 - Azure subscription '{lVMManager.Name}' has errors.

FLXERR00044 - The 'VDIManagerUsers' setting should be informed when there are multiple domains.

FLXERR00045 - This object is excluded from the health checker validations

FLXERR00046 - No VCC Roles found in this installation.

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