Couldn't find Microsoft Remote Assistance executable

Couldn't find Microsoft Remote Assistance executable

When a helpdesk operator wants to start a Remote Assistance session with a user, a request is sent to the user session behind the scenes, so a Remote Assistance invitation is generated and sent back to the operator. 

In the machine where the user session is hosted, the Microsoft Remote Assistance executable is executed to generate the invitation file and send it back to the helpdesk operator. 

This message indicates that the executable file was not found in the system folder and the invitation could not be generated.  

This could happen for several reasons: 

  • Microsoft Remote Assistance is not properly configured in the computer hosting the user session 
  • The user has no read permissions on the Windows system folder where the Remote Assistance executable is placed 
  • The computer hosting the user’s session is damaged 
  • The “Start Remote Assistance” job will contain further details about the error.
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