Couldn't enumerate or stop previous Remote Assistance processes

Couldn't enumerate or stop previous Remote Assistance processes

When a helpdesk operator wants to start a Remote Assistance session with a user, a request is sent to the user session behind the scenes, so a Remote Assistance invitation is generated and sent back to the operator. 

The first step to generate the invitation is closing any previous Remote Assistance process running in the user session and opening a new one that emits the invitation and stays listening for the operator connection. 

This message indicates that an error prevented enumerating existing Remote Assistance processes in the user’s session, or that they couldn’t be closed. This could happen for a lack of permissions or other transient condition. The agent service that processes the generation of invitation files runs with the LocalSystem identity and should have permissions to enumerate and stop processes in the computer hosting the user’s session.    

The “Start Remote Assistance” job will contain further details about the error. 

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