Application Categorization

Apps2Digital Application Categorization

Apps2Digital categorizes applications based on application type.  This allows us to prioritize applications more accurately.  Our application categories are as follows: 

  • Commercial
    • Standard application that is commercially available. Generally, has high virtualization priority and is used across multiple departments
  • Internal
    • Application that is developed in house or a private build
  • Tool
    • 3rd party tool that generally doesn't need to be virtualized
  • System
    • System process or application that needs no special consideration

When you login to your Apps2Digital console you may see an alert on the top right of the screen.  This is to notify you that some of your applications need to be categorized.  If Apps2Digital recognizes the application from its app catalog database, the application will be automatically categorized.  However, if it does not have a record of this application you will be able categorize it manually.


1. Click the alert

2. Click "RESOLVE" in the message informing you that you have applications that need to be categorized

3. Now you will see a list of applications that need to be categorized.  With the following information listed:

  • Product Name
  • Category
  • Executable

4. Now click the Category section, update the name if necessary, choose from the available categories, then click submit.

Once you click "Submit" the information will be entered into your application catalog and the product and executable will not be shown in this list. 

Follow the same steps for the remainder of the uncategorized applications, until the list is done. 

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