Active Endpoints

The Active Endpoints section contains valuable information about the active endpoints running in that moment your environment.  The initial view shows some useful tiles and a list of endpoints.

  1. The total number of endpoints reporting in that moment to the Apps2Digital service
  2. The amount of operating systems reporting in that moment to the Apps2Digital service
  3. The number of domains that are being used in that moment to login to the active endpoints

When you click on an active endpoint in the list it will bring you to the detailed view.

In the Active Endpoints Details view you will be able to see the following. 

  1. Detailed information about the active endpoint
  2. Detailed information about current running apps, when expanded
  3. Detailed information about historical sessions, when expanded

The next table provides the following information about the local applications that are currently launched on this active endpoint. 

  1. Application Name
  2. Version of Application
  3. Application Category
    • Commercial, Internal, Tool, or System
  4. Importance 
    • This is determined by the % of users across the organization that that use this application more detail on this is found in the application
    • Critical, Necessary, Departmental
  5. Last reported RAM for this application

The final table shows the historical information regarding the active sessions on this endpoint. 

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