Virtualization Progress

Virtualization Progress is an easy visual way to keep track of the apps that are being packaged and virtualized for easy progress tracking.  This can be used to keep all of the teams involved with the digital transformation project updated on the project. Each time a user moves an application tile from one column to the next, they will be required to fill in related data.

Here you can easily moved through this kanban style visual chart. 

  1. Applications discovered in the inventory process will automatically appear in the discovered column. 
  2. When the user is ready to virtualize an application, they will drag the application to the planned category
  3. From there the app can be dragged to the process column to indicate that the application is in the process of being virtualized by the virtualization team. 
  4. Once virtualized it can be moved to the test column where it can be tested for basic operation and functionality.  
  5. At this point it needs to be decided if the application should be moved into pre-production, or back to process if any problems are found. Once the application has passed the testing phase you can move it to pre-production where a small set of end users will do further user acceptance testing.  
  6. At this point you then determine if it needs to go back to either of the preceding phases (Process or Test) or determine when you will move the application into Production.
  7. Users can hide or make visible apps, and use this button to toggle between seeing all apps, or hiding the apps marked as "hidden"
  8. Number of users discovered as having used this application
  9. Application importance- Critical, necessary, or departmental
  10. There has been an issue with the processing of the application, please review
  11. Shows whether this app is chosen to be hidden when button (7) is selected
  12. Copy this application to be able to re-use the settings
  13. Re-do the process
  14. Begin process procedure

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