Apps Catalog

Apps Catalog

You will see the following when you click on the Manage option. 

  1. Total number of applications
  2. Number of critical applications
  3. Number of necessary applications
  4. Number of departmental applications
  5. Number of identified executables
  6. Number of Intranet applications
  7. Number of SaaS applications
  8. Searchable list of all applications

When you click on one of the applications in the searchable list you will see the following:

  1. Application Icon
  2. Product Name
  3. Importance 
    • Critical
    • Necessary
    • Departmental
  4. Category
    • Internal: a company's internal application
    • Tool: either a minor application or generally only used in specific departments, 
    • Commercial: an application that would be used across the majority of the company
    • System: an application used for the basic functioning of the system
  5. Exe file
  6. Cloud Sensitive
    • This means the app may have an issue that keeps it from being moved to the cloud, like a large database in the datacenter that cannot be moved
  7. Discarded
    • This is to say you will not virtualize this app
  8. Description
  9. Save any recent changes
  10. Detailed information about historical versions, when expanded
  11. Detailed information about historical sessions, when expanded

The next table provides the following information about the historical versions of this specific application:

  1. Specific version of the application
  2. Image where specific version is published
  3. Amount of users using specific version
  4. Amount of sessions where specific version has been in use

The final table shows the historical information regarding the sessions of users and endpoints using of this application.

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