Quick Action - Netscaler


This quick action will deploy a new Linux VM with the role of a virtual Netscaler. “More information (https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-adc/)” about what is a Netscaler and what it can do for you.


In this first panel, a password for the root user of Linux VM is prompted. These credentials will be needed if you want to manage other settings after deploying Netscaler.

Control Panel is showing the MAC address that will be assigned to the VM network adapter. Netscaler License must be linked to this MAC address and will be prompted during the registration process at the “Citrix license management site (https://www.citrix.com/buy/licensing/management.html)”.

IMPORTANT: NetScaler licenses issued by hostname are not supported.

The storefront site will have SSL enabled. The certificate is generated via “Let's Encrypt (https://letsencrypt.org/)” API service which is free. When a certificate is generated, an email address is provided; this recipient will receive notifications about the linked certificate (as are expirations).

In the Networking configuration panel, your current network id will be shown to help you to provide settings in the same LAN. An IP Address is NSIP I and Subnet IP is SNIP.

In the third panel, information about your public access is prompted, FQDN and public IP address (that must point each other) where the storefront will be published. Also a Gateway IP address.

In the last panel, information to create a new (or reuse an existing) user in your customer active directory will be requested. This user only will be used to prompt active directory if credentials provided by users in the storefront are valid, therefore non-administrative rights are required.

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