Quick Action - Modify General information

This Quick Action allows modifying the data shown in the information section located inside the General tab.

These changes are only for displaying information purposes and do not affect any behaviour of the Control Panel.

The quick action can be found in the Quick Actions Section. Clicking on launch, will load it.

Then, the form will display all the editable information fields.

How it works

  • The empty fields will show the current value with a watermark.
  • If the field is modified and saved, the next run will have that value preloaded.
  • If a value field is emptied, shows a watermark to read the original value.
  • If an empty field is saved, the original value will be displayed again.

TIP: Leaving a field blank will show you the original value, which will be restored if saved empty.

This Quick Action is generic for all types of deployment; it may show you more options than the user's environment (second roles, NetScaler, etc). In this case, these fields appear with an empty watermark. If the user modifies them they will not give added value until the requirements are met (e.g. deploy NetScaler).

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