SmartWorkspaces appliance Deployment for Supermicro 2028TP-DC0TR

Flexxible|Appliance Deployment for SMC

Physical Components


The document assumes that a SuperServer 2028TP-DC0 chassis is available with two blades and connected to an independent switch without external connectivity.


  • It’s necessary to connect one NIC for each node.
  • Each node must have two SSD with RAID 1 for the operating system and some SSDs for the virtual machines.
  • Burn the ISO installer file to SATADOM.



Users to access to IPMI:

  • Create customer profile user with administrator rights.
  • Customer profile password: last 8 chassis serial number digits (node serial number not).
  • Create partner profile user with administrator rights.
  • Partner profile password: last 8 chassis serial number digit (node serial number not). 
  • ADMIN user password: FlexxConsole25!

Disk Provisioning

This appliance counts with twelve (12) disk slots for each node. Looking at the front, the first eight (8) slots are managed by LSI SAS controller and an integrated SATA controller manages the last four (4) disks.

ATTENTION! Data disks must be plugged in any of the first eight (8) slots and system disks must be plugged in any of the last four (4). Normally system disk is 240Gb. 

BIOS Configuration

The BIOS must have these settings configured:

  • Set correct date & time
  • SATA controller is in RAID mode.
  • SATA controller mode: EFI.
  • Create a RAID 1 volume.
  • Mark all disk as Solid State Drives.
  • Configure UEFI boot mode.
  • BIOS version 3.0a
  • IPMI: BMC Firmware Revision 3.66
  • Hyper-threading enabled.
  • Set Fan to full speed.
  • IPMI IP addresses:
  • Node A: / mask: / Gateway:
  • Node B: / mask: / Gateway:

SATA configuration

After changing these settings, it is necessary to save bios settings and reboot the system to apply changes.

System RAID Setup

ATTENTION! We must create a RAID 1 volume to install the system. 

Advanced Power Management Configuration (CPU Configuration)


IPMI configuration

Fan to full speed

In the IPMI go to Configuration Fan mode and select Set FAN to Full Speed

Default IP

Primary node Secondary node

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