VCC Roles

Infrastructure servers of a deployment



VCC Roles (virtual client computing) is another way to refer to the virtual infrastructure servers that are part of a deployment.

Within these roles, we can find virtual machines that perform different functions such as access management, orchestration, control, etc.

VCC Roles

These machines can be:

  • Citrix Controller: The Delivery Controller is the server-side Citrix component that is responsible for managing user access, plus brokering and optimizing connections. Contains:
    • The Citrix Storefront delivers the user experience across the Citrix Receiver on any platform. 
    • The controllers for Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp).
    • The controllers for Citrix Workspace (XenDesktop).
  • Control panel: VM dedicated to the automatic deployment of the entire infrastructure, after the deployment, can be used to view storage status, VCC roles, perform maintenance tasks and execute quick actions.
  • Flexxible Web Services: Virtual machine included in Flexxible|Suite with web server role, is responsible for running the management web Flexxible|VDI OS Manager
  • Flexxible|Worker: Virtual machine included in Flexxible|Suite with orchestrator role, it is responsible for making all the changes in the infrastructure avoiding that the user requires access to it, auditing its execution.
  • Virtual Machine Manager Server:   The System Center Virtual Machine Manager is the centralized management utility for Hyper-V. This enables the deployment and management of a virtualized, software-defined datacenter.

VCC Roles section

In VDI OS Manager you can find the VCC Roles section in the VDI OS Manager group. This section groups together all these virtual machines:

To include a new virtual machine in this section you only have to add the "infrastructure" tag to the VM in the hypervisor.

The VCC Role detail contains general information of the VM.

If you want additional features, such as redirecting error events logs from the VM to the console, monitoring, etc, you will need to install VDI Client Service.

Available operations

Accessing the details of any of these machines you will have the following options:

  1. Manage snapshots, you can create, apply or delete snapshots from the virtual machine.
  2. Power and connection actions: you can apply restarts, shutdowns or any power actions.
  3. Start remote administration: It generates an RDP connection file for you to access the VM via remote desktop.
  4. VDI Client Settings: allows you to decide what type of VDI Client features will or will not be activated for this VM.

At the bottom there are more options available:

These options are:

  1.  Jobs: The logging of all jobs performed from the console for this VM.
  2. Alerts: Active monitoring alerts for this VM, this option requires VDI Client Service.
  3. Event Log: Error events log of this VM, this option requires VDI Client Service.
  4. Disks: Enumerates the available disks for this VM.
  5. Versions: Version of the Citrix components in this VM, this option requires VDI Client Service.

For version 4.0.3 or higher Flexxible|SUITE allows generating a Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager. Please refer to the Download a "Remote desktop connection" file from servers and VCC Roles article for more information.

Finally, you can manage the VCC Roles through the VCC Roles Overview.

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