Capacity management for Appliances

The capacity of Flexxible|Appliances is managed through different mechanisms. The most essential one is that the use of resources, CPU and RAM usage can be easily checked, along with the number of desktops and servers that a Flexxible|Appliance includes in the VDI Appliances section:

By entering into the details section of any appliance you can see further information:

It is recommended to always maintain both CPU and RAM usage of appliances under 80%.

In the Hosting units section, the amount of disc space used by the appliance can be seen, as well as the maximum number of virtual machines defined for the appliance, and its current number.

You can see the details of the Hosting unit of an appliance by entering the details section:

Specific alerts on appliance capacity

In the Alert definition section, there are several alerts available related to appliance capacity, such as:

  • High Appliance CPU usage.
  • High Appliance RAM usage.
  • High RAM usage - Infrastructure.
  • Low storage space for appliance.
  • Low storage space for hosting unit.

To subscribe to these alerts, you just have to link the alert definition to the notification profile. After that, the subscription is generated for future alerts.

About storage preservation, please, see also "Automatic deletion of un-used catalog base disk images"

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