Appliance restart procedure

How to restart a Flexxible|Enterprise Appliance

When you start the deployment of Flexxible|SUITE, the only VM running in the appliance is the control panel. This VM publishes the web that is used to enter the information and orchestrates the deployment. When this process ends, this VM is used for the administration of both physical components and infrastructure servers.

Therefore, in the Physical Appliance Section of the control panel page (to access it, enter the following IP, in your browser after the deployment has been completed), you can perform operations on the appliance nodes (see above SS) such as:  

  1. Restart or shut down a specific node separately: Click in the "More information" link will display the following popup. You must select the shut down or restart action and click in the launch button to perform the operation. 
  2. Click in the shut down button for an orderly shut down of all virtual and physical elements in the fastest and safest way.
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