Ping To Netscaler


This feature allows to ping to the NetScaler appliance (or any other).

How it works

This is an automatic feature and it works based on these parameters:

  • GetPingTime: [true/false] Activates ping to [IP or dnsname] destination
  • PingDestination: Sets the destination [IP or dnsname] to ping
  • PingInterval: Sets the time interval to automatically repeat the ping to the specified destination host stated

Once these settings are populated, the process will be run automatically, repeating a ping to the specified destination on the set time interval.


The parameter to set this feature activated has been named as "GetPingTime". It may be set to "true" or "false" values. It's visible and the default value is "false". It's located at the Settings area, under the VDIClient tag. A shortcut has also been added to the VDI Client Quick Settings area.


This parameter has been named as "PingDestination" and it allows IP or DNS address values. It's visible and blank by default.


This one has been named as "PingInterval" and allows time values in minutes. It's visible and 60' (1 hour) by default.


Once it's running on, the results will be displayed in the edit screens for Appliances, Desktops, Servers, Application Servers, and Endpoints areas. The "PingTime" field shows the ping time in milliseconds and the "PingTarget" field the IP or DNS destination address.

These values are currently stored in a history table, as they're intended to be exploited by some future features.

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