Event Log Collection

Windows Event Viewer integration


The Windows Event Viewer shows a log of application and system messages, including errors, information messages, and warnings. 

Flexxible|SUITE collects critical and error events ocurred in machines running the Flexxible|SUITE VDIClient Service.


Event Log Collection

This function, accessible from the side menu, is a powerful diagnostic tool that centralizes critical and error events:


Add specific events recollection

Sometimes critical and error events are not enough. If you want to add more events, you can add specific event id in settings and Flexxible|SUITE VDIClient Service recollect them.

To configure it, use the following settings:

  • SendEventLogsInterval: (minutes) How often the VDIClient service sends Windows event logs to the server.
  • EventLogIdsToRead: List of event logs ids separated by ';' that are read by VDI Client together with the error and critical events.
  • EventLogIdsToReadDomain:  List of Active Directory domain names separated by ';' to which the parameter 'EventlogIdsToRead' applies. If the parameter is empty it applies to all the domains.

For example:



Viewing mechanisms


In the next section, via the side menu, all events collected from all computers can be viewed centrally:

This view can be used to check, for instance, whether a specific error event has occurred in more than one element, without having to consult each computer one by one.


In the desktop properties

In the view of a desktop, this information can be seen in the "Event Log" tab.

In this way, you can see all the events that have occurred with the desktop.


In the properties of an app

In the app view, this information can be seen in the "Event Log" tab.



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