Connection log

Connection Log Section

The connection log, accessed via the side menu, enables connection activities in a user session to be viewed.

All the sections provide very useful information:

The information provided in this view is:

  1. Physical source connection computer hostname.
  2. Type of session (VDI or SDI desktop or published app).
  3. Username for the session account.
  4. Username.
  5. Session start date and time.
  6. Session end date and time (an empty field means the session is still open).
  7. Resource (VDI, SDI or published app) for the session. 
  8. Information on whether the session has been reconnected.

Entering one of the items in the list provides more detailed information and a graph of average login times for the most recent connections.

Viewing the connection log from a desktop or session view

To facilitate diagnosis and information collection, the data on session start-up for a desktop or published app can be viewed from the detail view of the element:

To do this, go to the "Connection info" tab for the desktop or session view being consulted.


Flexxible|SUITE allows exporting the connection log in a CSV file. To export periodically the connection log you must set up the following settings:

  • Connection info export interval: The number of days to export the users connection log.
  • Connection info export path: The path to export the generated report.

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