Log on Hours

Managing the Log on Hours of the user.

Sometimes you need control the Log on hours for a single user or a group. Flexxible|SUITE facilitates this AC task as easy as using the Configure Logon hours feature. With this feature, you can control when users can log in to the network.

Configuring in the Tenant

You must access the "Logon Hours" tab in the Tenant view.

Clicking on the "New" button will display a form where you can define the Logon hours for each day in the week. You must consider that these hours will be the hours available to assign the users of this tenant.

You can fill the fields and when you press OK the hour will be registered. 

Please remember, you must save the Tenant to apply the changes. 

Assigning to users

You can access through the "users" tab in the tenant view, selecting one user, clicking the manage button with display the Log on Hour action.

Then this will display a modal window with the user time window. You can use the filter to find the day of the week.

You can select or un-select the desired time window for the user. Clicking OK and saving the tenant, will generate a job that updates the user in active directory.

To use this function in a group of users, users must have the same time window. If not, the following message will be displayed.

On the other hand, you can modify the user in the AD User Management Tool.

You must apply a Sync infrastructure from the VDI Appliances view to update the AC changes in VDI Manager.

Once the work is finished, you can see the changes in the Tenant.

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