Flexxible|SUITE environment change audit

Flexxible|SUITE integrates a change audit module that allows for searching, filtering, and exporting every change made in all environments. The audit module indicates changes made in Active Directory, the hypervisor, Citrix, and any other infrastructure components orchestrated by the console. Allowing the Orchestration of several components at the same type, each change is registered in the Jobs queue with all the information related to the change, the affected user and the console user who executes it: 


The registered information includes the date and details of the change including each step of the process: 

The steps sectioprovides information on the steps required to execute the requested change in the infrastructure. This section gives the console user visibility of the commands used by it to apply said change, offering the list of commands used, the result of the execution and the duration of each one, thus giving full visibility of the orchestration to the user: 



The simplicity of having this information available for filtering and consultation facilitates the process of tracking changes in troubleshooting cases and provides a complete history of the evolution of the environment, allowing organizations to see the commands used during infrastructure orchestration, which, in turn, facilitates two-way admin.

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