Network Interface Setup

This section contains information about which node each network card belongs to, what the IPMIs are for, which one should be connected to each switch and the default IPs.

Each node has two or three RJ45 connections, depending on the model. Each connection has a specific function:

  • External: these are A1 or A2 (node A), designed to provide network connectivity throughout the infrastructure and to the VDIs and SDIs in it.

  • Management (IPMI): this interface is designed to permit connection to the node, even if it is switched off.

Depending on the application model, each one has two or three cards:

  • Demo model (NFR): this model has one adapter, which is connected to the switch (external) and another adapter for management.

  • Other models: these have two network adapters for service (external) in teaming and an adapter for management.


The images below shows an example of how to connect the appliance. If a specific switch is available for management, the MGMT cables should be connected to the required switch.

With rear bezel:

Without rear bezel:

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