Apps2Digital Frequently Asked Questions


What is Apps2Digital?

Apps2Digital is a product, that provides a path to digitally transform your company in three months.

What technology is it based on?

This is based on technology developed by Flexxible IT.

How does it digitally transform my company?

Apps2Digital gathers information about your applications, provides those applications to users in a modern fashion, and provides a way to manage the lifecycle of these applications.

How does it provide applications to users?

Apps2Digital provides a framework, but you can choose any application virtualization technology or team  up with any of Flexxible IT’s wonderful channel partners to discuss which app virtualization technology works for you.

Where can I find out more about Apps2Digital by Flexxible IT?

You can look on our web site or speak to one of our many partners.

Can I use Apps2Digital with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops implemented?

Apps2Digital was designed with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops in mind.  We have full compatibility with these products.

Can I use my AppV packages with Apps2Digital?

Yes! We support several application virtualization technologies.

Does it matter what hypervisor I am using?

No. Apps2Digital is hypervisor agnostic.

How many infrastructure servers or virtual machines are required to implement Apps2Digital?

Zero, Apps2Digital is cloud based and requires only a thin agent to be installed on end points.

Does Apps2Digital support CitrixCloud?

Yes!  We are a cloud service as well and we fully support Citrix Cloud.

We are not putting resources on-prem, does Apps2Digital have multi-cloud support?

We support Azure, Amazon, and Google as resource locations for your virtual applications.

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